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Microsoft Office PowerPoint

This 3 day course is broken down into three levels, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. Each level builds upon the previous levels to progress to some of the most advanced and complicated features the product has to offer. After completing all three levels you will be proficient in the application.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 Foundation

Section 1: Starting Out
Lesson 1.1: Meeting Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010
Lesson 1.2: Creating a Presentation
Lesson 1.3: Working with Your Presentation
Lesson 1.4: Editing Your Presentation
Lesson 1.5: Arranging Slides
Lesson 1.6: Getting Help in PowerPoint

Section 2: Understanding and Customizing the PowerPoint Interface
Lesson 2.1: Getting Acquainted
Lesson 2.2: The Quick Access Toolbar
Lesson 2.3: Tabs and Groups
Lesson 2.4: Customizing the Ribbon

Section 3: Tab Overview, Part One
Lesson 3.1: The Home Tab
Lesson 3.2: The Insert Tab
Lesson 3.3: The View Tab
Lesson 3.4: The Design Tab
Lesson 3.5: The Transitions Tab

Section 4: Tab Overview, Part Two
Lesson 4.1: The Animations Tab
Lesson 4.2: The Slide Show Tab
Lesson 4.3: The Review Tab
Lesson 4.4: Contextual Tabs, Part One
Lesson 4.5: Contextual Tabs, Part Two

Section 5: Creating Presentations
Lesson 5.1: Using Templates
Lesson 5.2: Working with Text Boxes
Lesson 5.3: Basic Editing Tools
Lesson 5.4: Formatting Text, Part One
Lesson 5.5: Formatting Text, Part Two
Lesson 5.6: Advanced Text Tools

Section 6: Printing and Viewing Your Presentation
Lesson 6.1: Using Layouts and Views
Lesson 6.2: Viewing a Slide Show
Lesson 6.3: Preparing Your Presentation
Lesson 6.4: Printing Your Presentation

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 Intermediate

Section One: Managing PowerPoint Files
Lesson 1.1: Using Windows Explorer within PowerPoint
Lesson 1.2: File Management Tools
Lesson 1.3: Using Presentation Tools, Part One
Lesson 1.4: Using Presentation Tools, Part Two

Section Two: Adding the Finishing Touches
Lesson 2.1: Research Tools
Lesson 2.2: Using Themes and Backgrounds
Lesson 2.3: Creating Slide Transitions
Lesson 2.4: Creating Basic Animations
Lesson 2.5: Creating Advanced Animations

Section Three: Adding Art to Your Presentation
Lesson 3.1: Drawing Shapes
Lesson 3.2: Working with Shapes
Lesson 3.3: Working with Text and Shapes
Lesson 3.4: Advanced Shape Tasks

Section Four: Working with Pictures
Lesson 4.1: Inserting Pictures
Lesson 4.2: Editing Pictures
Lesson 4.3: Formatting Pictures
Lesson 4.4: Managing Pictures

Section Five: Adding Diagrams, Charts, and Tables
Lesson 5.1: Inserting Tables
Lesson 5.2: Editing Tables
Lesson 5.3: Formatting Tables
Lesson 5.4: Inserting Charts
Lesson 5.5: Inserting SmartArt
Lesson 5.6: Formatting SmartArt

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 Advanced

Section One: Adding Multimedia to a Presentation
Lesson 1.1: Inserting Video Files
Lesson 1.2: Editing Video Files
Lesson 1.3: Inserting Audio Files
Lesson 1.4: Editing Audio Files

Section Two: Setting up Slide Masters
Lesson 2.1: Creating a Master Slide
Lesson 2.2: Using Placeholders
Lesson 2.3: Using Slide Masters
Lesson 2.4: Using Handout Masters
Lesson 2.5: Using Notes Masters

Section Three: Reviewing Presentations
Lesson 3.1: Using Comments
Lesson 3.2: Reviewing a Presentation

Section Four: Creating Advanced Types of Shows
Lesson 4.1: Setting up Your Show
Lesson 4.2: Presenting Your Show
Lesson 4.3: Creating a Custom Show
Lesson 4.4: Advanced Presentation Techniques

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