Canada-Nova Scotia
Job Grant

WIPSI Quick Facts
  1. Small Businesses with less than 50 employees may be eligible for up to 100% of their training costs to be covered up to $10,000.
  2. For larger businesses, WIPSI provides up to 50% of direct training costs.
  3. WIPSI may also cover other expenses such as travel, books for participants and accommodation costs for persons with disabilities.
  4. Training must be less than 1 year, and be delivered by an eligible, third party trainer (which is Think).
  5. Employers are required to complete an application and submit it on-line in order for funding to be considered.

Think has a range of training programs designed to help YOUR new employees or current employees looking to upgrade their positions, develop their skills. Review Think's Canada-Nova Scotia Job Grant training brochure to learn more information about eligibility for WIPSI and how we can help you apply for funding.

What to Consider
Before You Apply

Is your business...
  • Located in Nova Scotia
  • Registered and active in the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stock Companies or incorporated by an Act of the Nova Scotia Legislature
  • Over one calendar year into operations
  • Generating directly or representing businesses (e.g. Sector councils) that have at least thirty percent (30%) of revenues from commercial activity*
  • Producing a minimum of $25,000 in wages or owner remuneration
  • Not solely generating profit from wholesale, retail, and accommodations and foodservices (e.g. businesses that manufacture and sell products)?

*Organizations/associations representing wholesale, retail, accommodations and food services are eligible to apply for WIPSI funding.

Click Here to Download the WIPSI Guidelines

WIPSI Program LaMPSS Application Instructions

LaMPSS Ext. Access (Registration) Form

Electronic Funds Transfer (Direct Deposit) Form

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